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Like Smash Brothers with midgets on crack.

It took meone hour and eight minutes. About twenty of those were spent in god damned Universe City. That level is so. SO hard. But this game is one of the most fun things I've done in a long time. Great job, Dissolute. Please, PLEASE keep up the good work.

EON responds:

"Midgets of crack" xD That's going on my list of favourite quotes...


This game is fucking EPIC. I'd like to speak volumes of the sheer greatness, but "epic" sums it up. Thank you for blessing us with this game.


I liked the way you did this series a lot, but I think this one was the best of the three. The style is an obvious ten, but the recycled Duke Nukem sound effects were old eight years ago.


Fun, original, bullet-dodging goodness. Givin' ya a 4.

It was good. Better than the pirate one.

I liked this one more than the pirate one simply because the games weren't as easy. For all the people who were complaining about the code game, it's really not that hard, it just takes a little thinking. Even though the shootout was easy, I really liked it.

All in all, good job. 9/10, 4/5.


Time crisesesque fun, with stick figures! I loved all of the other xaio xaios, but I think this is my favorite. The scene at the end was pretty cool too. I hope there's more of these in the future.

Definent potential

Nice. It was, as others said, very repetitive and such. If you can do this plus a lot for the slayer version, I think this would be very fitting of the front page. I'm thinking of it with a Contra kind of feel, but you do it however you'd like. Keep up the work, and I hope this gets expanded on.

Oh, and for all of the people on newgrounds: This was written by a thirteen year old. Sadly, I'm more literate than most here. Please, PLEASE try to make your reviews legible. Take a step twords literacy, people...


Pretty cool, kinda short though. I guess I'll wait for the fifth. Keep up the good work.

omfg, wtf, rofl. That's all I have to say.

This, ROCKS! I bought everything, and now I'm extremely tempted to go learn how to program it...Thank you for blessing the world with this creation! It's great, and It's a nice stress-releiver. take a minute to stop and beat the hell out of napoleon dynamite. Thanks again man, I hope to see more stuff in the future.


this is long but VERY VERY VERY VERY VERY awesome.thats putting it lightly.i gess ill just say its SUPER FUCKING-SON OF A BITCH- ASS KIKING MOTHER FUCKING awesome

Yeah, I thought Emperor's new groove was funny, so sue me.

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